New Meeting Location

The North Florida Woodturners meeting location and time has changed effective beginning with the May 2015 meeting. The new meeting location will be at Godby High School on the First Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm. Directions are posted at the bottom of this page.


NORTH FLORIDA WOODTURNERS is a woodturning club that promotes and encourages the art of woodturning. The club is an affiliate chapter of the American Association of Woodturners(AAW). You are invited to attend, join and get involved if you are interested in woodturning. Annual dues are $35.00 for individual and $50.00 for family memberships, which includes a monthly newsletter and instruction with experienced and/or renowned woodturners.

The club also makes available wood and some woodturning supplies at a savings.

Bring Back for May 2015

By Robbie Ayers
Title bring back - cedar urn with pewter insert
Turning Urn
Material Cedar
Finish None
Size 8 inches in height.

GODBY HIGH SCHOOL  --  1717 W. Tharpe St., Tallahassee, FL 32303


Aerial View: Godby HS.    Follow the yellow road that I highlighted onto the image. Our Parking is the yellow area.  Our meeting room 906 is where the black “X” is with a red circle.  We will enter from the outside.  The room number is not visible from outside.   Do not try to enter from within the school.  

Driving Directions:  Enter from Tharpe St.  Proceed toward the school. Turn right at the first opportunity and then proceed past the athletic track to the area that I have marked in yellow above.